Common Fears

Overcoming Fears

When you feel afraid, that’s when you should do it. Do it afraid. -Anonymous

I will never forget these words that were said to me. this became the building block in my recovery.

We all experience fear at a certain point in our lives. It can be a crippling feeling. Fear can hold us back from achieving our full potential. It could make or break you. It’s a complex topic and I’m finding it a bit difficult to write on. Nonetheless, here it goes. Fear crippled me for a very long time. I found it hard to pin point exactly why I avoided certain things at all costs. Reflecting back, I had deep roots of fear in my life. In order to cut those roots, I needed to face my fears.

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Rehab 101

Considering rehab? This can be a major stepping stone in the decision to live a life of recovery. Although it’s not a complete necessity, it could help you in a tremendous way. It is scary because perhaps you don’t know what to expect or you’re off to rehab yet again. In this article I’ll shed some light on what you can expect before, after and during your stay in a rehabilitation centre.

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How far are you willing to go…?

I was strapped for something to write on for my next blog post. A topic came up within one of my support groups and the topic is how far are you willing to go to recover from addiction? I think it’s a good topic, and something I’ve really had to reflect on. The simplest answer would be anything. But when I sit and think about it, how much have I really put into my recovery? Could I do more?

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Tips to get through the first 90 days of recovery

The first 90 days of recovery are crucial in maintaining long term sobriety. All the tips I’ll mention in this post are important and will help you get through those hectic 90 days. These tips are taken from personal experience and I am in no means a shrink or psychiatrist.

The first 3 months of recovery can seem overwhelming. You’ve just stopped fueling your adddiction, life has drastically improved and you’re feeling really good physically. So now what? Read on to find out how you can get through the first 3 months and live a life of recovery free from active addiction. Continue reading “Tips to get through the first 90 days of recovery”


How Stress Leads to Relapse

After the 12 Steps

I remember the scenes from old TV shows and movies where the husband comes home from work and makes a beeline for the booze in one of those elegant crystal glass decanters.  Oh, that once wonderful feeling of the first drink as it melts away the stress of the day.

This became my routine, too, as I would rush home from work and head directly for the bottle of Smirnoff vodka that I kept chilled in the freezer.

As I look back to those days when alcohol worked its magic, I can see how it was my go-to stress reliever.  I didn’t look within for the source of my stress.  That would have violated my personal creed: Only the unexamined life is worth living.  All I knew was alcohol rounded the edges of my stress and allowed me to stuff it away.

What I failed to understand was this…

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Persevering, even when you feel like giving up

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Consistency… Say What?

“Success comes from

consistency; show up

every… single… day.”

Dina Cataldo

The quote gave it all away. But if we sit and think about it, it’s true. People who are successful typically lead a consistent life. And I’m not just talking about business owners. It really can refer to anyone, in any situation. But hold up, before we go any further. Let’s start at the beginning. What does it mean to be consistent? Continue reading “Consistency… Say What?”